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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tomorrow. one big storm, three big problems. on 7, a tree comes down of a woman posing like. i just jumped out. >> or wild water put some drivers in danger. thousands lose power for hours.
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>> life team coverage from all the trouble spots. >> marion barry's son faces serious charges. outrage at the big changes over netflix. you might be surprised at what netflix says about it. live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> as we begin tonight with one woman's terrifying ordeal at the of the storms. a tree came crashing down on her r coming inches away from killing her inside. tonight, the woman is talking about it. >> really an extraordinary story. out of this terrific with only bonds and bruises. have to tell you, this mother from maryland was driving right
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ofindustry during the peak storm this afternoon. >> seeing her car in this tow lot, is to see the horror of been.ould have treat branch out in my while i was driving. >> oh my goodness! >> all of a sudden, it was cracking. a storm toppled a massive tree limb. the lens crushed her car, a limb herhed right through windshield. it was only angels of watching over me. i would have been dead. she somehow managed to scramble out of her car alive. she was crying. i was crying. >> this stranger offered louis shelter in her car.
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today, louis finds comfort and. the lasting trauma of this day. >> i am just glad i am alive. i just want to go home right now. >> residents along the street that they complain about that it was too far across the road. they were worried about it crashing down. they had read a number of loans not inthe street, but the clan that almost killed lewis. >> what a shock there. this is a story including several other problems, including several other down trees. of our abc 7 news captured this in arlington. look at that. in a addition to all of that, spent hours in dark tonight after storms out power in parts of
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the region. been predominantly in northern virginia, primarily fairfax and arlington counties. >> some very strong storms virginia toern trees inocking down power, catching many by surprise. >> tonight,dominion crews are in to fix the power. >> i got a little panicky as the r got to the edge of the door. in his mercedes, he thought he could conquer the road. before he do it, the waters rose to 4 feet high. it was a little bit of a trickle. all of a sudden, it was a flash flood. i got halfway through before the water crashed over my foot. >> when this flood, old town
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alexandria often does, too. the strong winds took down this one in arlington. p.m., dominion had thousands of customers without power. can you close the restaurant for weather? it is absurd? how can you close the restaurant for weather? absurd. we use computers to find where books are located. in the calm after the storm, dominion customers showed patience. dominion is great. we have never had problems around here. "at the moment, just about 1000 demanding customers are without power in northern virginia. that is down from 47,000 at the peak. we are live in alexandria tonight. thank you, ben. conditions have calmed down a bit since storms moved in through here. bob ryan joins us with what to
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expect. been a really wild day. look at how much rain has fallen. i wanted to tap into that. sunspots, like around laurel, not much. look at how much rain fell in arlington. when the wind gusts came through, that was the reason for the damage. as a matter of fact, reports of an 18 wheeler across the bridge. temperatures have dropped into the 70's, but the important thing -- look at hagerstown, all the dry air pushing through. is the big story. in and around us there is nothing going on. will there be tomorrow? i will tell you what will be going on tomorrow. i think it will be all right.
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i will join you in a few minutes. death our abc 7 news whether of the story. learn about house 7.8 billion of rain at fair -- fell on fairfax county tonight. life radar as well. we are following breaking developments tonight in the over the debt limit. even though a potential default half weeks away, mdody's is threatening to lower aaa creditstates rating. >> the nation has been put on warning. f the debt ceiling is raised, moody's said it would downgrade the nation's credit t puts borrowing and on a more sustainable path. that after an impasse on grow worse. seem to if these negotiations have
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convinced us of anything, it is leave it toot washington to get our house in order. >> ben bernanke warned that failing to raise the debt ceiling before the government money would be disastrous. a huge financial calamity that would affect everybody. advisers are warning everybody to protect their investments. not a better time than now to make sure that you are not over exposed to any one particular get hit. might in washington, sunday night a crisis even exist. if the united states would lose its triple a bond rating, debt could goer up. the downgrade would raise interest rates on u.s. treasury bonds. a federal judge has ruled to allow a senator who is facing charges to temporarily leave the country.
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he is charged with accepting bribes and lying to federal investigators. his trial is scheduled to begin on september 26. it looks like we are now one to a resolution in charlie sheen escorts no. a report says there was nothing sheen about giving escort. received the escort in april for a performance. earlier, the police chief said believed the escort violated protocol. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, a local woman who once a day. >> a backlash against netflix, tonight your responses and their
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surprising new comments. here in washington d.c., bar ry is once again in trouble with the la
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. and new at 11:00, a new -- one of washington's families involved. marion barry's son, chris is believed to have been dealing drugs. >> they made a discovery inside his apartment. more on the charges and thebarry responding to night. >> according to court they found him inside s apartment with a larger vial pcp and five sandwich bags of marijuana. he is looking forward to setting
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the record straight at his trial later this month. the son of marion barry that faces drug charges. christopher barry was arrested pcp in hisfound apartment. coming from a background, his was once the user, i am that played a big effect. the person on the other side of this door agreed to speak on camera. >> a woman like that only comes once every few thousand years. to court documents, up that.owed 's apartment after an argument. i hate to see it run in the family. also statecuments he jumped out of an window and tried to escape. the elderberries spoke about his
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relationship with his son. -- the elder barry spoke about the relationship with his son. some of his constituents are not surprised that he has not spoken publicly about his son's drug arrests. if i were him, i would not out iny more bad news the public. maybe he wants to save his son from being embarrassed. >> council member barry declined comment tonight. faces a felony charge of possession with intent to distribute. chris barry was in charge -- was in trouble with the law in past four assaulting a officer. those were dropped. he was reported missing they can.
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police say the boy asked aaron for directions. investigators believe he panicked and until the child. the 8-year-old body was found dismembered, partially inside the home. >> there is no indication at this time that the victim was to the suspect previously. it was just circumstance and the of this young boy. >> he is charged with second- degree murder. hundreds of people gathered outside of the funeral that was held tonight. is on your side tonight with the online outrage a day after netflix said they are hiking prices. more than 40,000 flooded netflix's facebook page. they are breaking up their new -- their two services. those who want both and dvd is and streaming services, they
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to pay $16 a month. netflix as they expected this backlash. while the pay plan remains a hot button topics on the our facebook page. dusty tells us -- we ask you to share your atughts with us >> remember when you paid $5 to at blockbuster? going to the movies? about this, it at 11:00, the corporal asked actor and justin timberlake
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tuesday -- to the ball. no word yet on wordtimberlake is to accept this request. do you not think he has to? he has to. it was a magical night at the georgetown anc theater. fans waited in line for hours to of the first to see harry "harry potter 7.2". our very own arch campbell took part in the fund. it opens nationwide in about 24 hours. everybody is going to come
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tomorrow. >> outside today it was a wild day. down, and weettled about a full moon. that live up to its name today. some patchy fog a wrong, that leaving as the dry air comes in. washington, d.c., right now our the 70's.e is in our total rainfall -- we had an inch of rain initially -- 1 billion gallons of rain. look at the high temperatures around the country. we were in the 90's, it was 100 degrees in oklahoma city. temperatures to our north have tumble as that dry air is just beginning to come in after a nasty day. watch this line coming in.
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what is left of that is way .own look at the damage. these damage reports came in after the flash flooding reports as well. this is an integrated doppler. see the green? that is were there was one or 2 inches of rain. folks up in southern pennsylvania saying, what was left of that? tomorrow, are when stern to the northwest. be a northeasterly breeze bringing in some delightful air. really refreshing. you will notice the difference all over the area. southern maryland with temperatures in the 60's. really comparable tomorrow afternoon. a refreshing day. no wild weather with northeasterly winds. temperatures in the high 80s, least intoontinue at the beginning of the weekend. friday and saturday, there is a little bit of humidity coming
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on sunday. we will see why and slowly turn be backtern and it will to july. cannot -- we will see winds turned southwestern. >> looking forward to it.
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today's storms top our story people are also interested in the arrest of barry's son. for more you can log onto of coming up in just a of five hours. >> less than that, a couple of hours. british open is about to begin. go to the british open. it was another nail biter in germany today.
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the united states or woman's with ateam does it again french twist. with ateam does it again french twist.
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for supporting multiple users and devices simultananeous. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. the toytota sports desk. moving you forward. >> here we go again, just like 1999. the united states woman's soccer
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match --apturing the a imagination of the country. it went against france to advance to the title game japan. france at all the momentum when it was tied at one. abby wambach hits the game- winner right there. back of the net. abby has now scored in three straight games. american fans could finally breathe. the united states beat france 3- 1. that we are going to through. i have a belief in this team. everybody feels it. this is our journey. this is our dream. france is a great team. think there were moments when they were out playing is. the end, we are in the finals. >> united states and japan place sunday at 2:00. the first tee time at the british open is just over two from now. e the winds of calm down a little bit, they were coming at 25 miles per hour.
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even though the irishman is used link all, he does not like the wind. phil mickelson is not like the wind. >> it would be a challenge out there for sure, it is very -- tiring. you have to work on the control of your golf ball. suddenly, i think the best golfer will win. >> this is day 121 of the nfl lockout. tom brady and leaders of the for an' union called immediate end to this thing. both sides have reached the limits of compromise. they are out of time. as soon as the deal is done, the redskins will start working to add a free agents. they want santonio holmes. he was traded to the new york
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jets in 2010. it also go after defensive and offensive linemen. the nationals have asked the consider national star game.he 2015 all- great would that be? washington, d.c. is a great venue. the only problem for 2015 is that the florida marlins also asked for it. they are only one of two teams never host an all-star game. i do not know of that would work for them, but at least they are in the hunt.
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>> we are excited for tomorrow. >> in the day after that as well. it will be quiet and delightful. enjoy. nightline is next.
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